Water Transmission Main Replacement, New Pumping Stations, and Emergency Generators for Buchanan County Public Service Authority

The Virginia Department of Health offered a funding package of approximately $10 million to Buchanan County Public Service Authority for a transformative water system project.  At the time of loan closing in 2013, it was the largest funding package awarded through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund in Virginia.  Improvements made to the system included replacement of the 16-inch AC water transmission main with 18-inch ductile iron with double layer polyethylene wrap for corrosion protection, installation of two new 4,000 gpm pumping stations each equipped with three 250 HP pumps, installation of 750 KW emergency generators in each pumping station, and other measures such as hydraulic surge control and Variable Frequency Drives for control of flow.  The loan is secured by the water and sewer revenues of the system as well as the moral obligation of Buchanan County.