Strategic Plan

VRA Strategic Plan 2020-2025

The Strategic Plan defines the mission, vision, and values of VRA and identifies goals and objectives to provide a strategic focus for VRA to achieve its vision.


VRA, working with its state agency partners, stakeholders, and local governments, provides cost-effective, responsible, and innovative financial solutions for borrowers to support vibrant and resilient communities.


To continually enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Virginia by providing financing access, education, and outreach to local governments for their evolving infrastructure needs.



Service to borrowers, agency partners, local government representatives, and others is our highest priority. We are professional, honest, compassionate, courteous, and accountable.


Transparent collaboration with state agency partners, stakeholders, and local governments to provide responsible financing solutions to meet local needs.


Fairness to those seeking our services with the goal of supporting social economic equity and financial responsibility among all Virginia communities.


Dedication to delivering financial solutions that meet the infrastructure needs of Virginia’s communities that enhance the well-being of those living in the communities whether financing through VRA, another lender, or grant opportunities or combination thereof.


Foster an environment that supports continuous improvement in all aspects of VRA’s goals and objectives.


Work and communicate in an open, honest, and forthright manner.